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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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1_kazabitiIf somebody follows the left winger street in the carrefour of village [Prinos], after roughly 4 kilometres will reach in first Kazaviti, Small Kazaviti. Five hundred metres afterwards, Big Kazaviti. They are perhaps the most graphic hamlets of Thassos, built on [plagies] a hill, in the depth of valley.

2_kazabitiToday unfortunately, a lot of houses have been left in the abandonment by the local residents that sought work and better chance in flat the island or even far from this. Resist in the fury of time his old stone houses, with the wooden balconies and the [zografista] ceilings that go up graduatedly through dense verdure. The passed century the villages were named respectively [Papaz]-[machala] and Tsigkoyra. Kazabitia lived brilliant seasons the time that the mountainous villages had more residents and were more developed because the piracy that [lymainontan] the coasts. Of course in Big [Kazabiti] functioned a enough important faculty and her contribution in the place was with [gali]. Today, can no one visit [Kazabiti] and admire what has remained from the schools the old mansions and the churches, but [propantos] it calms down and it travels with the sounds of nightingales and running water. The nature in this region is generous and thus graphic [Kazabitia] is from the first parts of Thassos that visit the tourists. Here, can no one enjoy his coffee in the square of village, and eat in the tavern of Vasilis, in the entry of village that is by far the [poiotikotero] and better food that can no one have in the island. [As] we see that presents the village his cultural association:
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