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studios Plaka

studios Plaka
Αναζήτηση διαδρομής στο χάρτη Skala Kallirachi Thassos
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Πρόσωπο επαφής: Ελευθερίου Μαρία
Τηλέφωνο: +302593091488
Τηλέφωνο 2: +302593091379
Κινητό: +306944429604

Welcome to “Studios Plaka”

We welcome you to beautiful island of Thassos and to Studios Plaka.

For those who crave for crystal clear waters, open sea and trees that reach the sea then Thassos and Studios Plaka are the right choice.

Studios Plaka are located only 2metres from the sea which provides you easy and quick access. Moreover you may enjoy the sunset and the great view from your balcony. The first impression will definitely satisfy you, let’s explore the beauties of the island together!

Studios Plaka consists of five rooms that can accommodate up to four people and two fully equipped studios. All the spaces are recently renovated and are decorated with warm and peaceful colors. The rooms are spacious and cozy and offer all kinds of facilities such as fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and shower cabin, TV, air condition, hairdryer, washing machine and a sea view balcony. As for outdoor facilities, we offer free parking for all our customers, barbeque, open fireplace, sun beds and umbrellas for the beach, and special place for children to play. All the rooms are being cleaned every day in order to make your stay more comfortable.

The whole area is surrounded by bloomy flower-beds which make the place ideal for relaxation and revitalization. Moreover the place is ideal for children as it is safe and secure for them.

The ingredients for the perfect vacation are the neat environment and the friendly behavior that we unsparingly offer.

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