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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 09 October 2006 10:33
4_raxoniLeading to the westerners, with starting line of the Port, we pass first from the beautiful northern coasts of Thassos, where the beaches Saint Vassilios, with plane, fine sand and the small small church of Saint Kingdom (built next to the sea), Lancet, Glyfada, Papalimani, and Thick, with pines that touch upon almost the wave, in order to we reach in the Scale Rachonioy that it constitutes epineio the interior villages Rachoni and St. Georgios (Boyz) that is found in distance of 5 km to the interior of island.

The scale Rachonioy allocates harbour with beautiful jetty. From here begins the beautiful beach Rachonioy with the immense sandy beach and the graphic fish-taverns, but also the ramification that leads to the villages Rachoni and St. Georgios. It is for two quiet, graphic hamlets, suitable for those who they seek the calm and the rest.

2_raxoniIn the village Rachoni, where are found a lot of monastic properties of athonikis state (said Bakoyfia), traditional mansions, taverns and cafes, you will visit the church of Dormition of Virgin Mary, built the 19th ai. in enchanting locality, between the planes, near a glen with crystal waters, in the end of village.

1_raxoniThe church celebrates on 15 August when also, afterwards the operation, become the festival of Virgin Mary, eminent “Koyrmpani” or “Kloympani”, at which offers itself calf stifado. The village is famous for the production of oil, as well as for his honey, the anthomelo and sweet of spoon karydaki. It is in deed said that the olive groves of Rachonioy together with those of Prinoy are ancientest in the island and a lot of trees are more from 900 years.

The current village St. Georgios, as part of Rachonioy, emanates from the homonym village that old was built in the depth of island, in part inaccessible in the raids of pirates. Later, when henceforth had passed each danger of raids, the residents reinstalled itself in his current place. In that old village of St. Georgioy (and no in current) grew Mochamet Ali, from Greek family. There was found also the old church of St. Georgioy. A new, stone-built church of St. Georgioy echtisan the residents of village in his current place.
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Last Updated on Thursday, 30 December 2010 16:55

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