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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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airph_smallRivers are one from the knownest hamlets of island. Built in their foot of taller mountain of Thassos it offers a very beautiful green all around landscape with intense vegetation.

Latreis the mountaineering they can find in this village a ideal path the drowned, in the strict sense, mes green that leads to the mountain and to the conquest of his taller top, Ypsario. Most houses of village are stone with wooden roofs, while they dominate two churches, mainly that of Saint Anargyron that because the splendid locality in their foot of mountain offer calm and magic with the sounds from the streams and the kelaidisma of birds.

The winter because her high altitude the landscape changes and from green all around it becomes ololeyko because the dense snow that covers the mountain tops and enough times and himself the settlement.

One of the more considerably sights of village is the museum of famous sculptor Polygnotoy Bagi that was created to his price in place of his origin.

xryshakth2_smallTwo with three kilometres long from River is found the Scale Rivers that constitutes the coastal department of village. Framed with panemorfes beaches and green all around waters constitutes pole of attraction of thousands of tourists each summertime. The gulf of Scale Fluvial known and as Golden Coast is from most beautiful the island of reason of unique combination of sea and vegetation (in a lot of points the pines reach up to the sandy beaches). The summertime most residents of Fluvial are transported in the Scale but the winter the setting change and the region remains almost deserted with round the 60 with 100 individuals they remain as the alone guards of region.

In the small port of region dominates the imposing building of Tarsana, built 19ai. from monks of Mouth Athos. His locality is ideal for summer of the evening walks round the harbour and the small square of village.
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