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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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1_limenariaThe coastal street, after it leaves behind the steep and green all around cape of [Kefala], reaches in the graphic bight of [Trypitis], where exists beautiful beach with spotless sea and fine sand, in order to it leads to [Limenaria], that with the possessed settlement Kalyvia, constitute the bigger town of island, with particular tourist growth. According to the elements of Greek Statistical service in the last inventory the residents of [Limenarion] are almost that also the residents of Capital of island, Port.

2_limenariaLimenaria began to be developed in the beginnings of 20th [ai]. when they began to be charged there mining that exploited the German company Speidel, the offices of which, known as “Palataki”, constitute a sample of chosen architecture of beginning of 20th century. The first residents were workers from the village Castle which in the passage of years depopulated. In the population of village were added, in 1922, and refugees from the Asia Minor.

In distance hardly 1 km from Limenaria we meet the neighbouring village Kalyvia (or St. Georgios)that anymore however is linked with Limenaria.

3_limenariaLimenaria knew swift tourist growth the decades '80 and '90. The centre of [imenarion]was developed with somebodies successful circulatory interventions, while in the past few year becomes a effort of anastylosis offices of Speidel. Characteristic of village can be considered the cave under the [palataki], the beach of mines with the abandoned mines With regard to the service of visitors is considered by the more complete villages of Thassos. Allocate hotels, rented rooms, a lot of taverns restaurants, coffee, bars, appreciable folklore museum, and small private, the Museum Papageorgioy.
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