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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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The white Marble of Thassos
The exceptional whiteness, the absence admixture with other rocks, his subsequent faculty to absorb the heat, as well as his low content in [krystalloys], rendering, from the antiquity still, coveted in the all world.

The layers are decreased, the prices are increased

The mining activity in Thassos begins the decade the '50 and it reaches in her [zenith] period 1980-1992, when they functioned also above 70 quarries of excavation of marble. In 1968 Mr Costas [Laskaridis], Dr Geology and shareholder of company of marbles of Thassos, function one from the first quarries of island.

As it explains, “should no one [prochora] with constant rythm of excavation, so that it covers the demand and observes the rules exploitation of layer, in order to it does not exhaust him”. The damage that was caused progressively in the natural environment by the illegal operation of quarries and the overexploitation of certain layers led to filling of many from them. According to the mayor of Thassos Mr Eleftherios [Meresi], this hour function in the island [dekatessera] quarries, three from which they be governed in the State. “We try to impose in the biggest possible degree the environmental law, while the work of quarries that functioned without authorisations in the northern side they have degraded the natural landscape in regions as the Bib and the region of Three Precipices”, it reports. Even if the important reduction of quarries “cut” places of work, the tourism continues remaining main source of income in the island. This hour, the municipality tries it guarantees, [basei] environmental study, wooded extent in the region of Bib as path of appointment of [latomikon] archaeological spaces and as centre of sculpture. The ancient quarry of Saltmarsh, protected from the [YPPO], constitutes until today pole of attraction of many tourists per the world.

In Skopje

Given the big demand of white marble from the world market, Skopje that produces the marble [Sibek], similar with that of Thassos, lower however quality according to geologists, attracted Greek businessmen that maintain henceforth quarries in the neighbour country. “The taxes there are cheaper and the being in effect environmental terms are more flexible”, comment Mr [Meresis]. The big demand of product, in combination with the progressive reduction of layers, [anebazei] with the end of years the price of rock, while it covers always least the needs of foreighers of “customers” us. Indicative the [parapano] picture they are the numbers of exports of last two years: [persi] were exported almost the half tones of marble, concerning 2005, the hour where his price presents swift increase from year in year. Of course, trying cover of void that is created in the market, the scientists have turned the last 10 years in methods of correction of old marbles, as the covering of cracks in already used rocks with the use of resin.
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