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The tour of Island

From Keramoti after you board in [ferry] in half hour you will reach in the harbour of Thassos (Port). The port is the capital [nisioy].[to] administrative and commercial centre of [Thasoy].[Edo] is found the seat of Municipality Thassos, a municipality from bigger Greece in [ektasi].[Einai] built there that was been built the ancient city of [Thasoy].[I] new town was lived by the residents of village Virgin Mary and the refugees that came [to]1922 from the Asia Minor.
Today the town has very big economic growth because [toyrismoy].[O] Port today, does not differ from the remainder provincial cities of [Elladas].[Se] your visit in the Port, should [episkeytheite] the Archaeological Museum the Ancient theatre that the summertime is given theatrical representations and various concerts, the Citadel the ancient market you see the ancient harbour Mrs. At your visit in the Port you see the ship yard in utmost the trick and you look faraway green all around the mountains that it reaches up to the sea.
The current town allocates very many hotel units, small and big, rented rooms, tourist offices companies of renting of cars and motor cycles [kosmimatopoleia] drugstores surgeries of many specialities dentistry, restaurants, fish-tavern front in the sea with chosen [psaromezedes] cafes and cafeterias, pizzerias, confectioneries, Snack Bar, bar for your supper drink and nightly amusement, for [latreis] the bouzouki of also old good amusement.
It should [oposdipote] [episkeytheite] foot walk where there you find shops with [soybenir] and traditionally [Thasitika] products.
Beaches in order to you make your bathroom the Port, has many and very organised with deck chair, umbrellas, spotless waters and golden sand.
[Makryammos], [panemorfi], exotic beach You can [episkeytheite] and with ship, from what makes near excursions, that him you will take from the old small port.
Other beaches in the Port are next to t o ship yard, the Saint Kingdom, the Lancet, [Papalimani], the Lymphatic gland where in the region find itself also big hotel units. For the friends of Marine daily excursions, from the old small port they leave daily ship for the tour of island or [episkeythoyn] certain beaches.

When we leave from the harbour and take the street to southernly the island in the exit of town in our right hand next to t o wave, functions laboratory of pottery, it deserves [episkeytheite] and you take [soybenir] your. Continuing him [aktogrammi]. in distance roughly 2 km, we reach in the beach Lymphatic gland a beach with clean waters and very beautiful sandy beach, that belongs in [Limena].[Synechizontas] we reach in the beach [Pachys].[Akoloythontas] [aktogrammi] in certain km we reach in the Scale [Rachonioy], a relatively new settlement, that in the past few year presents very big tourist growth. Big hotel units, rented rooms, super market, drugstore fish-tavern, coffee, bar and above from all beautiful [akrogialies] with very shallow [krystalina] waters. Continuing to the interior of island in distance roughly 3,5 km we reach in the [DD] [Rachonioy] that is constituted by two settlements, left as we go up the settlement of Saint [Georgioy]. In this settlement in a Greek family, grew Mehmet [Ali].[Se] the other side is found the settlement of [Rachonioy], where in the entry of village is found in age-long plane, the church of [koimiseos] Virgin Mary with the source to spurt from holy her. It deserves your [episkeytheite] and you turn on small candle
. The beautiful taverns with the good food and the traditional cafes [lypoyn] from the two settlements of [Rachonioy] [Katiforizontas] as soon as we reach in the carrefour we turn left and continue [aktogrammi]
. In distance roughly 1 km, we found itself in Apiarian Plus/[smo], there where is packed been famous [Thasitiko] [peykomelo].[Dipla] precisely is found the factory of treatment edible [Thasitikis] of olive [Throympas], Union of Agricultural Cooperatives Kavala
. Also with this factories in the same space function olive press [BIELTHA] of production of biological olive oil and museum of old olive press.

Continuing in distance 1[chlm] roughly we reach in the carrefour for the harbour of Scale [Prinoy]. From this harbour we can board in [Ferry] [mpot] or in the flying dolphin and reach in the city of Kavala. At the aestival months become itineraries, from the harbour of Scale [Prinoy] to News [Peramo] Kavala. The settlement of Scale [Prinoy] is settlement [kat] [exochin] seasonal. Allocate hotel units, Camping, rented rooms, companies of renting of cars, motor cycles, taverns, restaurants snack bar, cafeterias and automatic instrument of undertaking of money. In the Scale [Prinoy] functions traditional careenage that deserves [episkeytheite]. Also you do not omit [episkeytheite] [Dasylio] of [Prinoy], with the big hotel units, Camping of GREEK TOURISTIC ORGANISATION and a lot of beautiful taverns. Continuing our course afterwards the carrefour we reach in the village [Prinos] that was the seat of community. This village was lived afterwards [b]΄[pagkosmio] by the residents of mountainous settlements small and big [Kazabitioy]. Is from the bigger villages of Thassos and the occupation of his residents is clean agricultural. Here is produced in the plain of [Prinoy] the olive [Throympa]. In the village [Prinos] is found the CENTRE of HEALTH THASSOS, in order to it offers the first helps and it resolves various problems of health of residents and tourists of island. Allocates modern market, drugstore, [odontiatreio].[tachydromeio] and each Monday functions also popular market (bargain).
Advancing to the interior of island in distance 3.5 km we reach in the mountainous villages of [DD] [Prinoy], small and big [Kazabiti]. In the dense vegetation from pines, plane chestnut [richia], cedars, they pop up the two small settlements, small and big this [Kazabiti].[Oi] settlements in the past few year they present tourist growth. Hotels, taverns, traditional cafes and for [latreis] the mountaineering, [pezoporeia] through mountainous paths. One of this paths, leads to the monastery of Saint [Panteleimona] where it should [episkeytheite]. Is the older monastery of island (woman's cloth).

In the settlements [kazabitioy] you do not forget to eat traditional bean soup with [piperolachana].
[Katiforizontas] again after we reach in [Prino] we turn again left and we continue our street to southernly the island. In distance of 3 km we meet the Scale of Savior.
This settlement, was lived by the residents of mountainous settlement Savior [peri] the dues of decade 1950. the Scale of Savior presents in the past few year enough big tourist growth.
Hotels, rented rooms, taverns, [kafeteries].[mparakia] and organised beach with deck chair and umbrellas compose the jigsaw of tourist market of Scale of Savior. Also in the Scale of Savior, functions also unit Camping.
[Aniforizontas] from the square of Scale of Savior to the interior we see from far the village Savior [skarfalomeno] in the taller point of mountain, in the pines and the planes.
The village was lived, from the workers of mines of region and from a team of residents from the settlement of [Kakirachis] (current [Kallirachi]). The village Savior in the past few year presents a enough good reconstruction in old and new residences. When you reach in the square of village [episkeytheite] the old church of Metamorphosis with the carved in wood chancel screen [tis].[kathos] also to drink water from the tap and to eat under age-long [platana], that [brisketaistin] square of village in order to gives his dew in the passerbies.

[Katiforizontas] again behind, in the carrefour of Scale of Savior we turn again left and continue [aktogrammi]. In distance of 3 km we enter in the Scale [Kallirachi] the coastal settlement of village [Kallirachi] one from the bigger villages of Thassos.
The settlement of Scale [Kallirachis] is the unique settlement with [psarokalybes] front in the sea. [Psarokalybes] they was used by the local, for the keep of their ships from winter storm and in order to remain also the himself of when winter in the [mazema] [sodias], they touched big storms and could not reach in their houses.
The residents of two settlements deal with the fishery and [elaioparagogi].[Ta] last time present enough tourist growth.
In the Scale [Kallirachis] exists big harbour for [enlimenismo] various ships, commercial piscatorial and [giot]. Exist rented rooms cafeterias bar, fish-tavern, Snack Bar various commercial shops, drugstore also in the Scale [Kallirachis] function manufactures of production of traditional sweets of spoon ([karydaki], fig, courgette) and standardisation of rural products. ([prasiniskai] black olive of [throympaskai] olive oil).

By the [Elaioyrgiko] cooperative [Kallirachis] Thassos is produced exceptional virgin olive oil [THASITIKO].
Beaches where you can enjoy your bathroom, are the Scale, the Climate, Plaka and [Lagkada].[Aniforizontas] to the interior in distance of 2 km in side of hill, [antikryzoyme] [Kallirachi] and above the village in the top of hill dominates the Metamorphosis the small church that looks faraway the all trick of Kavala up to the top of [Atho].[To] village was lived round 1750 [m].[Ch] from the residents of [Kakirachis], the settlement that because the pirates, was found behind by the hill and in the taller point [aytoy].[Apo] there took and the name [Kakirachi].[O] visitor can reach up to the old village and the Saint Metamorphosis, from the path that he became recent.
Today the village [Kallirachi], deals with the [elaiokalliergia] and fishery. When you reach in the square of village, [xapostasete] in the old tap and to continue your walk through [fidota] alley, in the all village. [Episkeytheite] the holy temple of Saint Dimitrios with [skalisto] the chancel screen, the Folklore museum that is accomodated in old mansion of village and you walk in order to you see the bridges that are unique in the all island Round the square of village they exist traditional cafes and taverns in order to you enjoy your coffee or even [fate].[Katiforizontas] from the street that we went up in [Kallirachi] we reach in the carrefour of Scale and turn left. In distance of 1 km we right meet us next to t o wave, the small church of [Panagoydas] of [Ypapantis]. In the space that is found front by the small church, they made [kaikia] them [kapetanioi] that season (1850-1890). Precisely above the small church of [Panagoydas], is found the [dasaki] where you can [xapostaseis] and drink coffee in the refreshment stand that is found in this. Continuing in less distance from 500 metres we reach in the settlement [Klisma]. _ [Psaradikos] old settlement, acquaintance for the [mariditsa] that produce the place, that be [pentanostimi]. Today they exist fish-tavern been famous for their fresh fish and chosen [mezedes].[I] his beach she is set with [olostroggyla] pebbles and the waters of sea [pentakathara].[Sas] we propose you make your bathroom and [geytheite] [psaromezedes] their that is made with [Thasitiko] virgin olive oil, and the [liokayta] fishes. Front you leave from the settlements of [Kallirachis] you remember to take together you halva [thasitiko] that only [Kallirachi] him makes Continuing him [aktogrammi], in distance of 8 km we reach in the Scale the Marias, a settlement that in the past few year presents enough good tourist [anaptyxi].[Enoikiazomena] rooms pops up in the all settlement, ready they accept even the most exigent visitors. The village deals in the first place with the fishery and the apiculture for this reason when you reach in the Scale the Marias [episkeytheite] the beautiful fish-taverns with the fresh fish and the sun-cured octopus. And you ask you they treat [peykomelo] with [kerythra]. Also the local market provides everything for your supplies, allocates also drugstore.

Beach that you can enjoy your bathroom is [Atspas], with shallow [katagalana] waters and spotless sandy beach with umbrellas.
[Aniforizontas] from the Scale the Marias to the interior of island in distance of 8 km of left public street, we enter in a small earth-road where at about 500 metres we meet the Monastery of Virgin Mary, that [panigyrizei] 15[Aygoysto].[Epistrefontas] in state and in distance of 2 km to the interior enters in the village the Marias, village that the passed century numbered roughly 1000 residents. The residents of village deal with the agriculture and the apiculture Ideal place for mountaineering through the small paths, in the lake, that is unique [ydrobiotopos] and in the top his terms [Ypsario] ([Psario]) 1203[m]. Returning from state we reach again behind, from there that we began the Scale the Marias.
Afterwards the Scale the Marias, in distance roughly 2[chlm] is found the cape Heads. Here exists a refreshment stand, where you can enjoy a frozen coffee or take something off-hand [fate].[I] view is unlimited. Opposite is raised the top of Mount Athos, and beach of opposite prefectures, Chalkidiki, Serres and Kavala.
[Katiforizontas] [Kefala] and in distance 1[chlm], we reach in a beach of [Limenarion], from more beautiful the island, [Trypiti].[Edo] it deserves we report that her name the region, took him from the hole that became in the mountain from the erosion that is caused by the undulation of sea that in the region is enough [dynatos].[kai] that in the internal side of hole, was created small small port.
Is organised beach, with hotel units, coffee and beautiful [tabernes].[I] sea is spotless with sandy beach in and outside.
Continuing our street, we leave behind us [Trypiti] and reach in the bigger village of southern Thassos, [Limenaria].
[Limenaria], are the village that was created, from the residents of most ancient settlement of Thassos the Castle when they went down in order to they work in the mines of region where [ekmetaleyontan] German company and the refugees that reached in 1922 from the Asia Minor.
Today it presents big economic and tourist growth. They exist police station, post surgeries, dentistry, drugstores Hellenic Telecommunications Organization and banks for the service of visitors
A lot of organised hotel units, rented rooms, restaurants companies of renting of cars and motor cycles [kosmimatopoleia], beautiful traditional fish-taverns in [mpoyka] the harbour, there where you can [araxete] with your ship, shops all sorts of in order to you can make your purchases and for your amusement, [Limenaria] have very nightly life.
When you come in [Limenaria], not you forget [episkeytheite] [Palataki] that is found above precisely by [limani].[To] [Palataki], it was been the seat of German company F speidel and was built in 1903 until 1905.[Piso] precisely from [Palataki] exists, the beach Mines there where they were become the treatment [metaleymatos], it deserves [episkeytheite].[Boreia] in distance 2[chlm], are found the settlement, Kalyvia, that today has been linked with [Limenaria] [Aniforizontas] to Kalyvia, [seapostasi] of roughly 400 metres from the carrefour, national road with the street to Kalyvia, behind by the building of Lyceum [Limenarion], is precisely found a building jewel, entire Thassos that deserves [episkeytheite]. Is Fitness Club entasis, where there you can make your gymnastics, or drink a coffee and [xekoyrasteite]. We propose to you [episkeytheite]. From Kalyvia in distance 12[chlm], to the centre of island, finds the ancienter settlement of island [Kastro].[Axizei] the [episkeytheite].[kai] [episkeytheite] and holy temple of Saint Athanassios.
When you leave from [Limenaria] not you forget to take doughnut. In distance 2,5[chlm] more southernly, you find the known beach, [Peykari], that is rewarded with blue flag of [EE].[Edo] will find hotel units, rented rooms camping, coffee, bar, restaurants, [tabernes].[Se] the beach, functions enterprises, for marinely sport and faculty of dive. Next to the beach [Peykari], exists also the beach pebble Leaving behind us [Peykari], enters in the Drink, the scale of [Theologoy].[Se] the entry of Drink, it is found one from the bigger hotel units of island, ALEXANDRA BEACH.[O] cosmopolitan [Potos], as it is called, it presents in the past few year very big tourist growth.

Big hotel units, a lot of rented rooms, restaurants, fish-tavern, coffee, bar shops of popular art, drugstore [kosmimatopoleia], shops of sale of traditional products companies of renting of cars and motor cycles, also and instrument of undertaking of money
The nightly life of Drink is very big. The beach of Drink with clean [krystalina] waters of sea, is organised with deck chair and umbrellas. In the carrefour of Drink, if we turn left and [aniforisoyme] in 10 km we will reach in the village Theologian, the old capital the [nisioy].[Spitia] built with Stone and timbers, with [Makedonitiki] architecture and the roofs, Stone and timber and [aytes].[Axizei] [episkeytheite] the folklore museum of village in the mansion of chieftain [Chatzigiorgi], the church of Saint Friday and Saint Dimitrios, the factory of production of oil and you walk in paved with slabs alley of village, you see the courtyards with the very beautiful flowers and the waters that run, [krystalina] in t o [ys] [mpaxedes].[To] village Theologian, it allocates beautiful traditional cafes, taverns unique in [latreis] the good food and specifically in the local goatling. Exists laboratory of production of sweets of spoon ([karydaki], fig etc) where can supply itself your sweets. also exist also shops various for your supplies.
Returning again in the Drink and continuing we reach him [aktogrammi].[se] distance of 500 metres in the beach of Saint Antonios. A organised beach, with deck chair and umbrellas, coffee, restaurants and big hotels.
Afterwards the beach of Saint Antonios we meet the beach [Rosogkremos]. Spotless sandy beach with shallow and clean waters, ideal for relaxation and sure for the children. In distance roughly 1.5 km, we reach in the Fine sand, known beach from more beautiful his [nisioy].[Kataleyki] sand, clean [katagalana] shallow waters, you it charms. The fine Sand, is organised beach with deck chair umbrellas and marine [spor].[Episis] exists restaurants, taverns, coffee, bar for beach party and enough rented rooms.
Continuing our street in distance of 1 km roughly, we reach in the settlement [Astris], beach with clean sandy beach, shallow [katagalana] waters, ideal for [paidia].[O] settlement [Astris] allocates, hotels, fish-tavern, super market and that needs the visitor.
Opposite from the Fine sand and the settlement [Astris] in very small distance, is found the islet Virgin Mary, uninhabited, but ideal [psarotopos].
In the settlement [Astris] you do not omit [episkeytheite] [Gkiola], a natural lake between [laxeymena] rocks from the erosion of mother of nature, which is supplied with water, from the sea that is found [dipla] her. Afterwards the settlement [Astris], we reach in the beach Meadow, it deserves [episkeytheite].
Continuing the uphill road, in distance of 500 metres, we reach in the Holily Abbey [Archaggeloy].[Gynaikeio] monastery, that administratively belongs in the holily abbey [Filotheoy] of Mouth Athos. Here each visitor stops in order to [xekoyrastei], it turns on his small candle and it admires the beauty of landscape and immense light blue Aegean.
[Katiforizontas] from the Holily abbey of Archangel, we reach in the Tower of [Thymonias]. Ancient tower of circular form, [misokatestramenos], is dated round the 5th with 4th century [pCh].[Meta] ancient Tower reaches in the settlement [Thymonia].[Axizei] [episkeythoyme] her beach. Continuing him [aktogrammi] afterwards [Skidia] ([toponymio]). front appears to us, the peninsula of Saltmarsh. The peninsula of Saltmarsh, [peribaletai] by two natural harbours. Ancient settlement Here the succession of history has not been interrupted by the 7th century eg.

From depths of centuries pops up the Saltmarsh.
The delivery wants it believes that at the final antiquity this peninsula existed kingdom with king Aliki, if we change somehow the writing [toponymioy]. Behind the houses of beach are still saved the ruins of ancient settlement, while in the Eastern trick, the trick of Jericho, it is saved ancient holy with two buildings, which were manufactured in the means of 7th B.C. [ai]. Here were found in 1886 kouros which are found today in the museum of Istamboul.
In the Byzantine years, the adoration, christian anymore, was shifted in the elevation in the place of necropolis, where at 5th A.D. [ai]. [chtistikan] two churches of royal rythm [triklites]. The historical acne of Saltmarsh coincides with the parallel excavation of marbles, which lasted from 6th B.C. [ai]. up to 7th A.D. [ai]. Irrefutable witness of existence of here populous region named [Marmarostrata], that led to the Port and which are still saved departments of in the region Gem and Skins. Still, the sunk quarry in the end of peninsula with the [misoteleiomenes] [latomikes] work shows that a enormous worksite was abandoned unforeseenly by violent fact, likely from the big earthquake of the 365 A.D. or that of 1509 A.D.
Today, in any part of Saltmarsh and if found, in or outside from her [katagalana] waters, you feel and live sunny her ancient greatness and wait for from moment in moment through the blow of chisel of [marmaradon] antiquity pops up the king of delivery and it receives you as her most chosen calling. Still a region that will remain deep engraved in the memory those who you visit him.
The saltmarsh today, apart from her beautiful beach, that is from more beautiful Greece, allocates enough hotel units, rented rooms, a lot of restaurants and fish-tavern.
Leaving from the Saltmarsh, to north-easternly, we meet the beach [kleisidi] and after this beach, the beach Saint Ioannis ([Mpampoyras] [toponymio]). Very clean beach, ideal for [chalarosi].[Synechizontas] the same course, we reach in the famous beach of Thassos, the Paradise. Big in length and width beach with thin, [kataspri] sandy beach.
Very shallow and [smaragdenia] waters, with small waves that take shape even in light breeze, ideal for children. Well organised with umbrellas and deck chair, beach-bar, snack-bar, super market. It is really a land paradise that reminds tropical beach. The street that leads to the beach passes through the forest and he is narrow and hard to transverse. Is very popular and pole of attraction of many visitors. The landscape is enchanting while the beach “embraces” the dense forest. Certain points of beach are specially popular in the nudists.
Afterwards the paradise following him [aktogrammi], we reach the settlement of [Koinyron]. Opposite us, [antikryzoyme] verdant from olives and wild vegetation, the island of [Koinyron].[Ta] last years, the settlement of [Koinyron] it presents big tourist growth. In [Koinyra] exist hotels, rented rooms, taverns and syper maeket in order to you buy, anything you need for your travel.
Afterwards the settlement of [Koinyron], in distance 7[chlm], we reach in the Scale Fluvial or Golden [akti].[Organomenos] tourist settlement, with very a lot of hotels, rented rooms, all sorts of shops in order to they cover the needs of visitors, very organised beach with deck chair, umbrellas and the more important, [kataleyki] fine sand and [katagalana] shallow [nera].[To] landscape you it will charm while the green all around forest from pines, it touches upon the [afrysmeno] wave [thalassas].[Se] your walk, you do not forget [episkeytheite], the small port of Scale Fluvial, that in his end, is found [Tarsanas], stone-built building of passed century, that was built by monks of Mouth Athos.
The evening, in the Scale Fluvial will remain to you [axechasto].[I] amusement in the bars and club finishes with the east [ilioy].[Oi] traditional fish-taverns, next to t o wave, with chosen [psaromezedes], made with [Thasitiko] virgin olive oil, you they will make you postpone your diet, in the all interruptions.
In the [periferiako] street Fluvial to the settlement of Scale Fluvial functions instrument of undertaking of money.
In distance roughly 2.5 km from the Scale Fluvial, [aniforizontas] we reach in the village Rivers, that are built in their foot of taller mountain of Thassos, his terms [Ypsarion] 1203[m] ([Psario] [toponymio]), in a dense forest from pines, cedars, oaks Mr a. Waters [krystalina] run from various sources in order to they irrigate the plain of [Potamias].[To] village he is built in sides, the houses with traditional [Makedonitiki] architecture and his green forest that surrounds him [tharreis] from far how you see table of big painter.
In River it deserves [episkeytheite], the municipal museum [Polygnotoy] [Bagi], the churches of [eisodeia] Virgin Mary and Saint [Anargyron].[Yparchei] very good market and drugstore, very good taverns with abundant [Thasitiko] raki, in order to you drink in your health. [Katiforizontas] from River, [odigontas] left, we reach in the other end of bight of Fluvial, where is found one of the bigger tourist resorts of island, the Golden Sandy beach (Ditch for the local). Big hotel units, very a lot of rented rooms, companies of renting of cars and motor cycles, restaurants, taverns, cafeterias, shops of sale of tourist types, traditional products compose the jigsaw of market of Golden Sandy beach.
The beach of Golden Sandy beach, one from better the island and of organising, is rewarded with blue flag of [EE].[Episis] in the Golden Sandy beach, for [latreis] Camping, functions Municipal enterprise, excellently [organomeni].[I] Golden Sandy beach, it is the scale of mountainous village, Virgin Mary that abstains from this, round the 3.5 km the settlement Virgin Mary is a traditional village of Thassos, in distance 9 kilometres from the city of Thassos. The name of village and the 11 [exoklisia] declare the intense religiosity of region which in 1845 constituted capital of island. The name keeps from 1832 and emanates from the church of Virgin Mary.
In the village exist abundant running waters and his square him embelish enormous [platani].[Ena] fourth with the legs long are found “[Drakotrypa]”, a cave with stalactites and stalagmites. In the square of village Virgin Mary they exist a lot of taverns eminent for the roasts meat, as well as many shop where you can buy traditional sweets of spoon, [karydaki], fig, plum tomato and courgette for which it is famous.
In the village Virgin Mary functions also drugstore. Do not omit to try the possible local raki that is prepared in traditionally boiler with raki.
Leaving behind us the village Virgin Mary and taking the slope, we will reach in the Port the capital, from where we began walking us.

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