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History of Mines
Summary of proposal of N. of Delegate, Geologist Institute of Geological and Mineral Research.

The N. Thassos was known mining centre with historical reports ([Irodotos], Crooked), on the mining activity of then known (Lead - Iron - Coper - Silver - Golden) basic and precious metals and marbles already from the 7th eg century that was continued intensively up to their Roman years. From then the [metalleiytiki] activity existed hypotonic and sporadic (Byzantine years - Ottoman possession).

In the beginning of twentieth century (1903) the German mining company SPEIDEL-Pforzeheim received from the Ottoman government the right exploitation the [pseydargyroychon] - [molybdoychon] and [argyroychon] minerals of island and she built the metallurgy of [Limenarion].

The excavation in industrial scale with [ypaithries] and horizontal exploitations concerned zinc and lead under form of carbonic unions that is known with the name CALAMINES. The material, afterwards the [dialoi] and enrichment, processed thermic ([fryxi]) in vertical and horizontal ovens [OCH]LAND, with final product oxides of zinc ZnO and lead PbO with big demand then in the metallurgy, pharmaceutical industry, production of colours etc.

The main mining centres of that season were DUMB (region [Limenarion]) the mine of SAVIOR and the [KOYMARIA] (region Kalyvia [Limenarion]).

At the Balkan wars the mining activity was interrupted (1913) and afterwards the dues of [A]΄ of World War the mines devolved to the Greek State: The island of Thassos became Greek territory. After international [pleiodotiko] competition in the beginning of decade the '20, the mining rights of German company Speidel devolved to Belgian company VEILLE MONTAGNE, with affiliated corporate form “Societe Hellenique Metallurgique et Miniere” that began immediately the exploitation of already reported mines in bigger scale, manufacturing a modern unit of production of oxides of zinc and lead in the beach [Limenarion] acquaintance as “their MINES” in native, (system Waeltz of [peristrofikon] kilns).

In 1930 stopped the mining activity and the operation of Metallurgy in [Limenaria], because the big world economic crisis and the fall of prices of metals.

[Sidirometalleymata] Thassos they began [exoryssontai] by the beginning of decade '50 from mining company [CHONDRODIMOS]/[ATHINA], that created the big [ypaithria] exploitation in place [MAYROLAKAS] and [TZINES], 5 kilometres from [Limenaria]. Company [CHONDRODIMOS] had activity up to 1962 with production 2 mill. tones [sidirometalleymatos], that were charged in the SCALE the MARIAS for export [stos] countries of Northern Europe (Germany-Belgium-Holland).

Almost in step with the [parapano] company it began to activate itself also the successor company of VEILLE MONTAGNE (consortium [APOSTOLOPOYLOY] HM. - SCHMIDT-KRUPP) with the production [sidirometalleymaton] in wider region [KOYMARIAS] and [KOYPANADAS] with [ypaithries] exploitation. The loadings became from the region “Mines” [Limenarion] and the purchaser were German metallurgic company KRUPP.

From 1962 it stopped each mining activity in Thassos. Main cause is reported the discovery rich and cheaper in the excavation of layers of iron in Africa and in southern America.

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