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ROMGREECE imobiliar turismul comerţul România Grecia turism comerţ agenţii hoteluri concediu
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Morals and Customs

The morals and the customs testify the concerns of persons as they were shaped in the passage of years. In Thassos the residents of island respect their deliveries and the customs express wishes that often require her occasions of special celebrations in order to they are expressed.
In the customs of the New Year's day apart from the known customs [kalanton] and the first-foot that is celebrated with the same way above under as in remainder Greece, the evening of eve of New Year's day becomes [mazema] of family in the festive table where father of family crosses the New Year cake [thymiazei] the dame [spitioykai] then the father shares in all the piece of New Year cake, even for lively the house and that achieves [floyri] of is lucky house.

Also carnival of Thassos is a festival with very deep roots. Here except the other of [karnabalikon] events becomes also the grating of pepper. He is one from the more amusingly and characteristic customs and gives a separate beauty in the [glenti] for the dawn of Clean Monday. A [ap] all keeping a area or a broomstick in order to it strikes the offenders, is the head. This sings a time and the other that dance repeat him. Dancing therefore, become accordingly with each said and the proportional movements. The offenders that is to say do not follow the dictations of head are punished [ap] this with blow.
One still very known custom is taken place his second day Easter in Kalyvia of [Limenarion] and is said “For [brex] April [m]΄”. It is a spring event for which the delivery says that the residents of island gather and request the God to rain in order to not [xerathoyn] the vines and exists good production so much in grapes what in sweet [thasitiko] wine. In this event are offered titbits, traditional sweets and abundant wine.

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