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With the plane: The island does not have no airport, but is served by the international airport of Kavala. Athens-Kavala: Various drawn flights daily (flight 50min). The airport “Big Alexandros” in Chrysoypoli are 30 km Eastern from Kavala. Also exist also flights and freightings from the important European cities, enough times weekly. The airport is 18 km from Keramoti, which has the ferries that you will reach in the capital of island (30min).

With the car: Exist most excellent road connections with the all big cities in the region. It lasts roughly 2 hours (165km.) in order to it reaches in Kavala with the car from Thessalonica. Takes also the almost same time interval from here in the last European city in the east, Alexandroupoli (174kms). From Kavala and Keramoti, you are in position you take the ferry.

With bus: From Athens and Thessalonica with the buses of KTEL.


  • By Kavala for Prino is connected island daily in 1 hour and 15 thinly.
  • From new Peramo Kavala for Prino only aestival months in 1 hour and 15 thinly.
  • From Keramoti for Port in 30 thinly.
  • From Kavala for Port with flying dolphin in 40 thinly.
  • From Kavala for Prino with flying dolphin in 30 thinly.
In the island they daily begin buses for the tour of island and for the service of villages coastal and mountainous from stathmarcheio ktel in the Port and from the harbour of Prinoy.

the train: Can see the Greek railways for travel from Athens for Drama. The travel lasts 9.5 hours from Athens. Can also use the train in order to you emanate from Thessalonica, but cost more from the bus and last almost 1.5 hours more many. Reach in the Drama and take the bus (bus) for Kavala, from there it has departures each half-hour.

With the ship: The coastal lines connect Kavala and the northern islands of Aegean at the all duration of year while in the aestival months Kavala is connected with the all islands in Aegean sea.
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Ενα καταλυμμα ανακαινισμενο το 2016, στο Δασυλλιο της Σκαλας Πρινου σας περιμενει για αξεχαστες διακοπες! Δικλινα δωματια και studios με πληρη εξοπλισμο σ ενα πανεμορφο περιβαλλον πολυ κοντα στο λιμανι του Πρινου με ευκολη...

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