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The island of Thassos
Geographic place
Thassos is the more northern island of Aegean, has extent 379 [t].[chlm]., [aktogrammi] 95 km And population 13.000 residents. It abstains 12 naval miles from Kavala and only 4 [n].[m] from Keramoti. Very beautiful island with a tall mountain, [Ypsario] or [Psario] (1203 m.) in the middle and [ologyra] [dantelenies] [akrogialies] with [kataspri] sandy beach and pines, that many times over they hang litteraly above the sea. The beauty of landscape they often come they supplement the rocks from white marble. Thassos developed fast in big tourist centre. One enough good [asfaltodromos] surrounds the island and his ramifications leads to the interior and they lead to graphic [chorioydakia].[To] road network they use also the local buses, that connect this villages with the beach and the capital, the Port or Thassos.

The climate of island is [eykrato] and healthy. The summertime is cool while the winter he is not particularly cold. The bigger temperature varies from 30-35 degrees C and smallest than -4 until -6 degrees. The medium heat are 20-25 degrees while the means cold is 8-10 degrees in favour [midenos].[Oles] the seasons of time is beautiful in Thassos with more beautiful the dues of Spring and the beginnings of [Kalokairioy].[I] temperature then oscillates in ideal levels and the landscape is painted with thousand [chromata].[To] Summertime is enjoyable the breeze that comes so much from the mountain what from the sea in order to they refresh the island of while Winter, [Ypsario] [asprizei] from the snow creating a landscape come out from fairy tale with trees and [cheimonanthoys].

Thassos is the most fertile island of Aegean Seas. It produces cerials, legumes, fruits, honey and wine. In the coastal regions are cultivated olives. The wine of Thassos, famous [Thasitiko] wine of antiquity, are even considered, today, from first between the better wines of Greece. Exist also supplies of good potable water in [nisi].[Echei] rich reserves of minerals. Coper in the regions [Astris], [Thimonia] and Theologian, lead, silver and zinc in [Limenaria], iron in the region of [Kallirachis]. The famous mines of Thassos, as also and the timber for the ship yards gave the reason for the brilliant growth, the glamour and the progress at the duration of antiquity. Still more, it is supported that it was this wealth that attracted the Palms, which were the first residents in Thassos. The quarries of marble of Thassos were every famous. The [kataspro] marble of Thassos was acquaintance at the duration of antiquity and remains even today, while is suitable for the manufacture of statues as also and splendid mansions. The marble of Thassos was used at the duration of season of Byzantine Empire for the construction of church of Saint Wisdom in Istamboul
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